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I am an ambitious designer fresh out of the Greater Detroit area with bright ideas, ready to unleash on the world. Overall I would like to use my understanding of design and my people skills to produce quality work for clients, whether its for a firm or private accounts. I also want to continue to learn and better myself as a graphic designer; while also using my knowledge, education, creativity, and communication to benefit my employer. I like to keep my skill set, both on and off the computer, as sharp as possible. I have a strong grasp on the Adobe and Microsoft products used in the design field, as well as a fine understanding for how computers work. When it comes to video and photography, I have experience in planning, shooting, and editing both for clients. I have a few odd job skills up my sleeve as well, such as hand printing (screen print, lithography, relief), hand lettering, and letter pressing.

What other stuff do I like

Sure I like designing stuff, but who is the man behind the keyboard. I am a 25 year old born and raised in Metro Detroit who enjoys the small things in life, like a quality soccer match, wearing a variety of different hats, and sunflower seeds (get it… “small things”). Oh yeah, and sometimes I make corny puns. After I got my Bachelors of Fine Arts at Central Michigan University in May 2013 I spent 8 months as an account manager at NES World Group. Last fall I moved to Chicago to work at TMP Worldwide as an art director, though I recently left that job. I am currently back in the Metro Detroit area working freelance with Creative Circle. I like to be in an environment with a good mix of playful and serious, having not enough of either can make things uncomfortable for all.

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