This is the stuff that I like to do.

What I Pride Myself On

Grid & Layout.

Having a strong grid structure and a layout that makes sense for your project is key. I like to apply like to everything from print work to web design. Quality work starts with a quality foundation.

Good Sense of Typography.

Typography can be many things, whether it’s knowing when to use a serif versus a san serif or how to pair typefaces together. Some might not even recognize the difference between a kerned and unkerned word, but these little things can make a huge impact.

Color Theory Knowledge.

Changing small details with color, like makingĀ full black into a 90% charcoal, can make the biggest difference. Also it is important to know how colors will react with each other and how they relate to the subject matter.

Social Media Content.

Social media is rapidly growing with no end in sight. It should be utilized by businesses reach out to their consumer.

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